2007 - Quantification of diffuse sources of emissions to surface water and in the urban areas equipped with sewerage systems. Part metals

Belgium, Flanders
2006 - 2007
Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij: Van Benedenlaan 34, 2800, Mechelen: Ir. Greta Vos, Bob Peeters

Investigation and quantification of the contribution of heavy metals released from buildings to the pollution of surface waters in Flanders. VITO developed a geographically explicit model to map the pollution of surface waters by metals from the sector buildings. The path of the metals is calculated from the source to the surface waters. This model involves a bottom-up approach to the problem. It is generic and applicable to other sources and pollutants. The methodology was repeated for data available for more recent years. The evolution over time of the pollution was calculated with the purpose of testing the sensitivity of the parameters in the model. The concept of a generic framework and supporting software architecture was investigated as part of a feasibility analysis and report. VITO hosted a two-day workshop in which the existing methodology was explained for technicians and its extension to a generic framework was explained.