2013 - Water Emission Inventory for Brussels Capital Region

Belgium, Brussels Capital Region
Leefmilieu Brussel – BIM, Afdeling vergunningen en partnerschappen, Departement strategie water, Sofie Bracke

Development of a water emission inventory for the Brussels Capital Region of Belgium in line with the provisions of Article 5 of Directive 2008/105/EC. The study area is part of the international Scheldt basin. The receiving water bodies are the Senne and Woluwe rivers as well as the Canal Brussels - Willebroek. Both point and diffuse sources (emissions, discharges and losses) causing significant problems for the quality of the surface waters were investigated. The focus was on pollutants within the groups: physico-chemistry, organic loads and nutrients, metals, PAHs, and other (micro) organic pollutants for priority and priority hazardous substances. The study is part of the Brussels International basin of the Scheldt. The "receiving environment" are the surface water bodies, namely the Canal, and the Senne and Woluwe rivers. The WEISS system was used to implement the inventory.