2014 - Wind Map Limburg

Province of Limburg
2013 - 2014
Province of Limburg, Department Spatial Planning and Policy, Division Space

The aim of the study is to research the potentials of the wind energy in the Province of Limburg and to update the Limburg Wind Plan of 2012. The main focus is on large-scale wind turbines and their implantation in parks at least three entities, in accordance with the provisions in the updated Spatial Structure Plan Limburg. The updated wind plan is primarily a translation of the spatial vision of the Province of Limburg on the siting of large wind turbines. The spatial analysis done on the basis of a mathematical model that takes into account a number of spatial and environmental aspects (safety criteria VLAREM norms, policy decisions, natural value, etc.) and social criteria.

The study aims to provide guidance for planning officials and administrations in Planning, wind energy producers and advisory bodies on the most suitable implantation sites for large-scale wind turbines in the province of Limburg.

Report: Poelmans, L., Janssens, L. & Engelen, G., 2014. Actualisatie en gebiedsdekkend maken van het Windplan Limburg. 2014/RMA/R/115