2016 - Energy Atlas Limburg

Province of Limburg
2015 - 2016
Province of Limburg, Department Spatial Planning and Policy, Division Space:Kristien Lefeber, Sigrid Janssen
Terra Energy

The Province of Limburg, in particular the Department of Physical Planning and Policy, wants to gain a better understanding of the spatial dimension of energy. Taking the energy demand, the current energy production, and the potential additional production of mostly renewable energy in the near future into consideration. Indeed, there is the problem that for the generation of renewable energy space is needed and that it sets tough demands on the design of the region. The Department of Physical Planning and Policy wishes to gain more insight in order to appropriately pay attention to it. This understanding is also strictly necessary to achieve a climate-neutral Limburg.

The aim is to have a policy supporting (software) instrument called Energy Atlas Limburg that permits, in addition to the existing situation, image in a simple manner the changes in energy demand and production over time. The instrument makes it possible to compose scenarios and to efface with which policy-sensitive, technical, social, and spatial (planning) parameters can be manipulated for their effect on energy demand and / or production

VITO started in 2014 with the execution of a first command (part 1) of the development of the Energy Map Limburg. This request led to a significant mapping of the energy demand, the energy production and the technical potential for renewable energy using the Dynamic Energy Atlas of VITO. In the follow-up order (part 2) all the remaining parts were developed which were insufficiently addressed in the initial contract.