2016 - Renewable Energy Atlas Flemish municipalities

2015 - 2016
Flemisch Government, the Environment, Nature and Energy Department, Division Policy Preparation and Evaluation: Jan Breijne, Kris Rongé
Terra Energy

The assignment involves the drafting of a renewable energy atlas. An important part of climate policy is to invest in renewable energy at the local level. A renewable energy atlas gives an insight into the opportunities and risks with regard to the renewable energy potential in the territory of the municipality. Thanks to such an atlas cities and municipalities can better define their local objectives, and identify concrete ways they can be reached. Municipalities can play an important role to accelerate the market introduction of renewable energy sources (RES) and to help achieve renewable energy targets for the Flemish region.

The study should give rise to an assessment of the renewable energy potential developed at a high resolution and presented in the form of maps. The study started from the current range (instumentarium) of LNE and VITO’s Dynamic Energy Atlas is used to realize the bottom-up assessment of the potential. The most interesting questions are presented in the form of an interactive map of Flanders housed in its own theme in Geopunt.