2014 - Water emissions inventory for the Walloon Region

Belgium, Walloon Region
SPW DGARNE: Fran├žois Paulus

Development of a water emission inventory for the Walloon Region of Belgium in line with the provisions of Article 5 of Directive 2008/105/EC. The study area is mainly part of the international Scheldt and Meuse basins. Both point and diffuse sources (emissions, discharges and losses) causing significant problems for the quality of the surface waters were investigated. The study focused on pollutants within the groups: physico-chemistry, organic and nutrient loads, metals, PAHs, and other (micro) organic pollutants for priority and priority hazardous substances.

The first part of the study collected the relevant data and information about the area, potential pollutants and emission sources to enable a selection of the most relevant emission sources and pollutants for Wallonia. In the second part of the study, emissions for the selected pollutants and emission sources were quantified by means of fact sheets. Next, the collected data and estimation methods were made accessible in the Water Emissions Inventory Support System - WEISS. Finally, an analysis report was written covering information and insights gained in the study.

Report: Françoise Pirard (CEBEDEAU) et Leen Van Esch (VITO), 2015. Mission d’inventaire des émissions dans l’eau des substances prioritaires et dangereuses prioritaires de la Directive 2008/105/CE.

Study carried out on behalf of the Public Service of Wallonia Directorate-General for Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment Directorate for Surface Water.