Recent - Implementation of air quality plan for Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere – Task: residential emission inventories for several hotspot regions in Eastern Europe & transboundary emission database

Eastern Europe: South-Poland (Malopolska and Silesia), Czech Republic and Slovakia
2016 - Recent (ongoing)

In this project, under the action ‘Interregional Modelling’, an inter-regional framework for both emissions and air quality modelling will be developed. The emission modelling component will build on the existing EISS framework. EISSA will be adapted and applied to compile high resolution residential emission inventories for the different sub-regions. These emissions will then be integrated in a trans-boundary emission data set, required for regional air quality modelling. The air quality modelling component will build upon existing expertise and tools developed inside the LIFE+ project ATMOSYS (LIFE09 ENV/BE/000409), in which VITO developed a modular web based air quality management dashboard to support air quality management in any air pollution (hotspot) region.