WEISS Courses

The WEISS course consist of three modules. Each module can be ordered separately on our environmental training website.

Module 1: Introduction to WEISS and emission modelling

Learn the basic concepts of the emission modelling underlying WEISS and learn how it is implemented by means of examples: data sources, data gathering, data entry, the type of modelling and relevance and use of the various outputs produced.

More info: environmental training website

Module 2: Hans-on training

Learn how to build your own application starting from an empty WEISS system under the guidance of the instructors. At the end of this module, the student is technically equipped to start an application in his/her own region with WEISS.

More info: environmental training website

Module 3: Starting your own application

A detailed overview of the GIS-methodologies and techniques applied in WEISS as well as the built-in algorithms performing complex technical and geographical operations on the data. The student will get acquainted with more of the practical details of the procedures built into the WEISS software system and will thus be equipped to address nonstandard aspects of the data integration, manipulation, modelling and analysis.

More info: environmental training website