GeoFleX is a modelling platform and software toolbox specifically tailored to solve spatial allocation and associated problems at mid to high spatial resolutions and geographical detail. By means of GeoFleX, state of the art custom software applications can be built in a very short period of time, at low cost and with a high level of reliability, professionalism and user friendliness.

Typical examples of problems addressed with GeoFleX so far are geographically explicit modelling and cartographic representation of:

  • (dangerous) pollutants, emitted by various sectors, from their sources to their sinks in the surface waters;
  • (dangerous) pollutants, emitted by various sectors, to the air;
  • energy demand (electricity, heat, fuels) by various sectors;
  • centralised and/or decentralised energy production by various technologies;
  • additional potential for centralised and/or decentralised energy production by various technologies;
  • production of heat maps, showing locations where excess heat could be transported and used by various customers: industry, office and commerce, households, etc.

GeoFleX products

Three GeoFleX products have been built for different application domains, using the same GeoFleX Kernel and EXE-file. These products can be easily configured by the user into a specific application for a given geographical area. Depending on the application domain, more specific spatial algorithms, models and tools are made available to the user to enable the typical domain operations on data at various spatial resolutions. The 3 products are:

  1. WEISS: emissions to the surface waters;
  2. EISSA: emissions to the air;
  3. Dynamic Energy Atlas (DEA): demand for energy, and/or, production and potential production of energy.

On demand other products can be developed for specific application domains. Contact our team for more information.

GeoFlex functionalities

A GeoFlex application is equipped with an open-ended library of sophisticated spatial algorithms and domain models, optimised with respect to computation time and memory requirements. Users can easily select and customise these algorithms to apply them in complex computation schemes. This library contains algorithms suitable for data rich as well as data poor conditions. 

A GeoFlex application contains also (i) simple GIS-functionalities in order to visualise, store and export the various maps generated by the system; and (ii) functionalities to represent output in the form of synthetic tables and graphs. GeoFlex stores the technical data entered by the user in a coupled MS Access database.

For more detailed information about GeoFlex, go to our GeoFlex Expert info page