DEA Technical info

The Dynamic Energy Atlas is implemented in C++ and runs as a standalone application on the PC platform under Windows. It features a graphical user interface supporting the integration, storage and export of all the data, the execution of the various analyses, the handling of the maps and other output generated by the tool.

The size of the study area, the resolution chosen to represent it, the sectors, technologies and various forms of energy dealt with, …, determine the processing and storage capacity and hence, the type of PC required. But clearly, a standard PC suffices to run the Dynamic Energy Atlas in case of regions consisting of a million cells featuring tens of technologies and sectors.

The application can run on a server, and thus is available to several users, however, it can only be used by one user at the time.

The Dynamic Energy Atlas comes as s software product ready to receive all the base data and start the analyses. A one day training course suffices to get acquainted with the Dynamic Energy Atlas. It consists in an introduction in the underlying methodologies and a hands-on training.

VITO can be contracted to assist in the collection, manipulation and integration of all the necessary data as well as the development of scenarios, analysis and interpretation as well as the selection of promising cases for more in depth analysis and action.

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