WEISS - Water Emission Inventory Support System

WEISS enables to map the emission of relevant substances caused by all major sources as well as their pathways to the surface waters in a geographically explicit and detailed manner. It supports inventorying, monitoring, reporting and assessing measures aimed at reducing the pollution of water bodies.

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EISSA - Emission Inventory Support System Air

EISSA enables to inventory, map, monitor and report emissions to the air as well as to assess measures aimed at improving the air quality. It does so in a geographically explicit and detailed manner and supports both bottom-up and top-down approaches to get an accurate representation of the emission patterns.

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DEA - Dynamic Energy Atlas

The Dynamic Energy Atlas enables to address the spatial dimension of the energy system in its full complexity. It supports mapping, monitoring, trend and scenario analysis in a quest for (new) suitable locations for energy production taking into consideration energy demand as well as technological, spatial planning land use and environmental constraints and concerns.

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A modelling platform and software toolbox aimed at developing custom applications for solving complex spatial allocation and associated problems at high spatial resolutions and geographical detail.